Mia & David Alpert

My husband and I met Michael 10 years ago, when we were buying our first house — he represented the sellers, everything went super smoothly, and we had a great experience with him even on the “other side of the table”. It was such a fantastic experience, in fact, that when it came time for us to sell the house, we decided to work with Michael again! We greatly appreciate his honesty, responsiveness, work ethic, deep well of knowledge (from 33+ successful years in the business), fun sense of humor and ability to defuse potentially contentious situations. He was always willing to go the extra mile for us and available to us at all hours of the day/night/weekend. He is also very well-connected and got us the best vendors (and results!) for staging, inspections, repairs and remediation, etc. Once again, we loved our experience working with Michael and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy/sell real estate!

Linda Finnell & Jose Pretlow

Collaboration is what we wanted when it came to selling our home and that is exactly what we got with Michael Collins. Michael is not only knowledgeable about the marketplace, but offered us options about the process; we made decisions together. Timely and always in touch with us, Michael was involved in regular showings and gave us immediate follow-up that was greatly appreciated. His straight-forward honest approach, plus a very steady hand, makes it easy to recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Nancy & John Lasseter

I have made over 30 real estate purchases in my lifetime; Michael Collins has helped us with the the last two, and has also helped 5 other family members and friends of ours with real estate procurement. Hands down, Michael is the best realtor I have ever worked with. He is professional, thorough, responsive, patient; he is loyal and he is kind. He listens, and is eager to adapt to your needs. He has expert knowledge of his beat; for anything outside his area of expertise, he will recommend only top notch people to help you. In follow-up, he has referred contractors and house cleaners that I have used and continue to engage. I wish I had met him years ago. Michael is our realtor for life now.

David Saviola

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Michael. Michael came highly recommended to us and proved to have the “IT” factor team. Selling our home was not simply about getting a transaction complete, but one that required care, attention and a thoughtful approach. Upon meeting Michael and team, I knew we would be in good hands from start to finish. They came to the table with a highly professional, personable and strategically minded approach. Michael’s knowledge of the market, professional contacts in the community, and many years of deep experience were certainly a measure of knowing we had the right ingredients in place to obtain the best possible outcome. Michael and team more than delivered, achieving not only a sale price well beyond asking, but carefully guided us through every step of the process. Finally, knowing how to communicate, negotiate, and close the deal effectively is a skillset most attributable to Michael and team. I would highly recommend Michael Collins when seeking the right agent to facilitate sell or buy needs in a very dynamic market. Forever grateful to Michael. You are the best. Thank you !

David Aikenhead Esq.
Aikenhead, Cipes & Supanich

I thank you very much for marshalling our very successful sale of 626 North Foothill Road & 333 Tigertail Road. You are a true professional Michael and it has been great to re-engage after 30 years. We haven’t changed a bit!

Tim Bagley

I highly recommend Michael Collins to anyone needing real estate services. I felt like he went way above and beyond my expectations to make sure the selling of my home and the buying of my new home went smoothly. He coordinated this transition masterfully. He listened carefully to my needs, and was extremely organized, planning everything out meticulously, paying close attention to every detail. He has been in real estate for a long time, and is very well connected with vendors and other professionals I needed throughout the process. He was very patient with me, taking the time to educate me in the world of real estate and what I should be looking for. I really appreciated his clarity in guiding me towards good properties and just as important, steering me away from bad investments. By the time we put my home on the market, it sold in less than a week with multiple offers. My experience with Michael Collins was extremely positive, and I encourage anyone who wants a seasoned professional in real estate to trust this man to guide them on their journey.

Tim Cornell

Michael Collins has truly displayed a service and personal oriented approach to our real estate needs. Having to deal with the death of a brother, and the need to sell a property from 2000 miles away, Michael took the lead from the beginning. He was compassionate, insightful, professional and most importantly, always accessible to all of our requests. He continuously kept us updated on all facts of progress in a timely and caring manner. Michael certainly represented the best in client/realtor relationship and our family will be forever grateful for all his time and efforts.

The Rev. Neil A Tadken & Frank Slesinski, ASID

What can we say about Michael Collins? Simply the best we can imagine. It is said that aside from the loss of a loved one, few things are more stressful than moving. We have worked with Michael, buying and selling three properties over the past two decades, and there is no one we can imagine trusting and enjoying more through what can sometimes be an emotional process. He maintains a spirit of calm confidence and compassion to help get you through it. He will always be honest with you, but never gets pushy or arrogant. He knows his stuff. On top of everything else, he always finds time to give back to the community. Thank you Michael. We are not just your clients – we are your friends. It’s been a honor.

Joshua Oppenheimer

I worked with Michael ten years ago, when I was looking for my first house. After months of patiently listening to me explain what I wanted (but couldn’t find), Michael found me the perfect home, at a price well below what I expected. Michael was the ultimate professional throughout that sale; tirelessly attuned to detail, always forward-thinking and conducting his business with only the highest standards in mind. A class act. I had ten blissful years in my home, and when it came time to sell, Michael was my first call. All the same qualities that made him invaluable to me as a buyer were proven ten-fold as a seller. The process was much more involved and Michael expertly guided me through it; choosing the necessary renovations, deciding on a listing price, creating the marketing materials, overseeing the open house, navigating the almost dozen offers we received, and finally helping me deal with a nervous first-time buyer – much like I was ten years ago. Why is he such a great resource on either end of the deal? Because at the heart of Michael’s success is a simple credo, one that garners him both clients and other agents who seek out his advice and involvement. That a good sale is where a buyer and seller both walk away happy. If you share that belief, as I now do? Michael is your guy.

Todd Hunt, Esq.
The Law Offices of Todd C. Hunt, APC

Michael, we sincerely thank you for your valuable assistance in selling our home. You have proved to be a wonderful resource to us on two occasions, and we look forward to working with you again. Your advice concerning our most recent listing was spot-on despite being quite different from what we were hearing elsewhere. You deftly guided us through a series of difficult escrows and clearly know when to push forward and when to sit back. As always, we particular appreciated that you listened to, acknowledged and met our particular needs and accepted our ultimate decisions. We’d more than happy to recommend you to any of our friends in need of an amazing realtor! Thank you again.

Joie Marie Gallo, Esq.

Michael is a consummate professional. He is everything you would want while going through the stress of selling a home. He held my hand every step of the way, and was ALWAYS available and responsive. He also gave me real estate advice that was sound and honest. Michael was also great at helping me find a phenomenal mortgage broker; you can tell by the people he deals with that he has strong relationships in all aspects of the real estate world. If I ever have to sell again, I would call Michael in a heartbeat. It’s a harrowing process to sell a house, but they don’t come better than Michael to help guide you through the maze of detail. I would give him my highest recommendation.

Wen Wen Hsu

As we work on our fifth transaction together, I wanted to take the time to say, “Thank you.” It goes without saying that over the years, from when you sold our home for a great price when other agents had failed, to when you found us our current house in an amazing neighborhood, you have been amazing at what you do and our advocate to the end. However, this past sale was more challenging for me than all of the other properties. Not only was I presented with a multitude of confusing and unfamiliar propositions from third parties, but I was bombarded with complication after complication once we found a buyer. The way that you coordinated the circus of repairmen and service providers was masterful. You handled the whole sale smartly and even with a dash of finesse. Thank you for being a great advisor, and sometimes a necessary therapist! You are the rare real estate agent who accomplishes what he promises and who actually puts your clients’ best interest first. I trust your expertise and guidance and look forward to the next property on the horizon.

Anna Silk and Seth Cooperman

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Michael Collins, having searched on several occasions over a year and a half for our perfect home. Through three near purchases and this last final successful purchase, Michael was the perfect person to guide and advise us through the process. From the first visit to the house, to the bidding war that soon followed, to the inspections, through the second round of negotiations and finally to the close, we felt confident that we were partnered with the right person. Michael’s extensive knowledge of the market, years of experience and no-nonsense honest advice are second to none and helped make the whole process a manageable and exciting experience.

Michael also took the time to really get to know us and made sure we never compromised on what was important for us in a home. He cared to make sure we were happy. Even after the closing, Michael continuously checked in to see how we were doing and even offered to help oversee contractors and repairs on the house while we traveled out of town for work. We know many realtors, but we can’t imagine working with anyone other than Michael Collins. We absolutely love our new home, but if we ever leave it, we’ll be sure to get Michael’s help again.

Joe Settineri & Daniel Ross

We have worked with Michael Collins on multiple transactions and not only would we recommend him as an agent who is unmatched in the Los Angeles real estate market as a well-known, respected, and skillful deal maker, but we also would recommend him as an agent who is at the top of his game because of his friendly persona, unwavering ethics, and his ‘always looking out for the client’ attitude. One thing that is important to note is that our dealings with Michael spanned multiple years and were executed in both good and bad real estate economies. Having a capable agent who has seen it all and is able to advise you and deliver results in economic upticks and downturns is very key — and in good markets and bad markets, Michael fired on all cylinders and delivered the best possible outcomes for us. Put in the most simple way, our experiences with Michael were as easy and painless as possible, and we were confident we got the best deal in the end. Everyone should use Michael Collins — he is a smart, savvy business professional who knows how to get a deal done, a fearless ambassador for his clients, and a market expert second to none.

Ann & Chris Dooley

We met Michael when our family decided to move to the east coast for work. At the time we weren’t ready to sell the house, but we wanted to get some idea of what was involved. Michael took the time to come see our place and gave us a lot of good information. We rented the house out but kept in touch with Michael over the year to see how the market was doing. When it came time to sell, Michael had constant contact with us and always answer our questions promptly. He coordinated with our tenants to set up a photo shoot, inspections, and open house. Throughout the process he was available to answer any questions we had, and kept us at ease being on the other side of the country. His experience and expert advice was so valuable in helping us decide what to do when the offers came in. From listing to closing the whole process took about a month and we couldn’t be happier with the price we sold the house at and how smooth the transaction went. We highly recommend working with Michael if you are planning on selling your home. It’s been such a wonderful experience for us.

Brian Casentini & Brian Siegel

We have known Michael for 13 years now, since he helped us buy our first property.  We recently reconnected when we were ready to purchase a home and it was like no time had passed.  The first thing you should know about Michael is that he has an amazing reputation.  Every realtor we met knows him and praises him for his knowledge, professionalism and honesty.  The second thing you should know is that he makes the buying process as easy as it can possibly be.  He is always available for questions (no matter how minor or how many), responds to emails in a lightning quick manner, anticipates all your needs, is a great negotiator, and even makes signing paperwork as efficient as possible.  Finally, he is incredibly accommodating, since his first priority is to make his clients happy with their purchase.  We are proud to call Michael our realtor and are even prouder to refer him to others.

Lynn Meiger, Phd

I have such positive comments about my experience working with Michael Collins! Our situation was a tricky one in that it was a probate sale, and it was extremely emotional for me having lost my best friend in the world! Michael was extremely professional and caring! he made the process so much less painful. Thanks again, Michael!! 

Zoe Lister-Jones & Daryl Wein

Michael Collins is one of the kindest, most patient, and honest men you will meet. His years of experience made me feel incredibly secure in purchasing our first home in California, and he had a gentle but direct hand in advising us throughout the process. In a year of searching for a home, Michael had a great understanding of our aesthetic and navigated the search with great care. His relationships with other brokers, and the level of respect he has in the field, was an asset in this competitive marketplace. We had a wonderful experience working with him in what can be an incredibly overwhelming journey.

David Cutler,
Barton Perreira, Groove Commander

I have now worked with real estate agent Michael Collins on 2 of my homes – one house and one condo – and I give him the highest rating and recommendation I can for his work. He takes care of everything in an expeditious manner and aside from the most important this, the sale itself, he is extremely knowledgeable and well-connected in every tangential phase of the experience from contractors and cleaning people to shippers as needed. The most important reason to use Michael Collins is that he gets the property sold when others cannot. I used three different real estate agents who attempted to sell my properties and each failed. When Michael came in and took over, the properties were sold. He knows what he’s talking about and his advice has always been sound. He is a consummate professional.

Stephen M. Todd,
Vice President | Real Estate Division – Northern Trust

Michael, Thank you for all your advice and guidance as this transaction has taken its many turns over the past six months.  We appreciate all your efforts and are pleased with the results. Congratulations!

Paul R. Grant,  Esq.
Law Offices of Paul R. Grant, P.C., a Professional Law Corporation

Michael, thanks to you we just successfully closed what turned out to be a very difficult escrow.  At certain times during the escrow it seemed some new problem or concern arose every minute but eventually the problems were resolved, compromises made and the sale closed.  Without your steady hands, guidance, advice and patience I don’t believe we would have been able to succeed. There were many times I thought the buyer would cancel the sale and our backups walk.  Even with all my experience as a real estate attorney and the experience of my co-trustee in this sale (of a major local bank’s trust real estate department) you knew how to handle certain of the problems that arose better than we did.   I’m glad we trusted your judgments – but then what you advised made so much sense.    In one respect your excellent work is not really a surprise as we’ve worked together on a number of other sales in years past, all successfully closed.  Quite a record!  That’s why I keep calling you.

Jim Cain,
UBS Financial Services

Michael Collins has been my realtor and friend since 1997. In that time he has assisted me in buying and selling a wonderful home in West Hollywood, a beautiful Spanish home in Museum Square and now the purchase of a 100 year old Craftsman home in the mid-city area of Los Angeles. Throughout each transaction Michael has made the process as simple and easy as a real estate transaction can be. He has offered sound advice and brought to the table years of invaluable experience and connections to people working in every aspect of real estate. If you seek true professionalism and dedication from someone that will look out for your best interest you need look no further than Michael Collins.

Sheila Guthrie-Nevil & Steve Nevil

We really don’t know what we would have done without Michael’s guidance and expertise. My husband and I knew we were in a very emotional place when we decided it was time to sell a Westside home that had been in our family for a very long time. Michael was particularly sensitive to our situation and constantly proactive about finding the best way to move our sale forward. His knowledge and experience really showed on a day to day basis given the very challenging process. We will always be grateful to Michael for a very happy ending (our buyers  even sent Michael a heartfelt thank you note for his above-and-beyond work — now that is high praise).

Cathy & Jonathan Lauren

Over the years, we have purchased and sold many homes with most of the transactions being nightmares that we wanted to quickly forget. As you promised us, this was the BEST real estate transaction we ever had and you lived up to your every word. You made the paperwork portion a breeze, brought us four contracts, all over asking price, within four days of listing our condo and helped us maneuver through a difficult decision. Your professionalism and calm personality is exceptional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stanley Goodman Esq. & Melinda Raphael

In a time fraught with unbelievable financial pressures and a choppy real estate market, which most of us have never been through, we can say, without any reservations, that you have made our experience one which exceeded in every respect our hopes and expectations. In retrospect this was accomplished by not only your selling acumen, but also by your exhaustive preparation. We were impressed with every detail you and your team became involved in. Nothing was too minor or too much. When we were impossible, you were a patient counselor. When we were fading, you maintained our strength.

Danny Salles & Dr. Myles Spar

We worked with Michael on the sale of one house and the purchase of another. With twin infants and a previously scheduled trip to the East Coast, we relied on Michael heavily to handle everything. He was not only a pleasure (even fun) to work with, he took care of everything with ease and with minimal work for us. Besides aggressively and quickly selling our house, he and his team met inspectors and repair people and arranged for it all to happen. All we had to do was pack up, move, and sign papers. . We would highly recommend Michael and his team. Michael proved to be extremely knowledgeable about pricing in the area, both for pricing our home, and for bidding on the house we purchased. He was both realistic and aggressive, treating our financial concerns with respect and expertise. Thank again,

Jeff & Jenni Runyan
Wedbush Securities, Webs, CEA Financial Consultant

Thank you for your recent guidance and advise while we searched for our new home. You have proved yourself tremendously helpful in reviewing the real estate alternatives we considered throughout the past year. Each time we found a place we believed to be “the one,” you immediately took the time for a thorough review and shared the positive and negative aspects of the property we may have overlooked. Also, your honesty and integrity gave us great confidence in our purchase. Your attentiveness and concern for us to purchase the “right” home displayed your objectivity and we appreciate it. We were very pleased to have you work with us. You saved us a good deal of stress, confusion and headaches through escrow and especially considering it was our first purchase! We also appreciate your continued help after the closing by answering all of our follow-up questions. The service you extended us reassures un in recommending you to others. We appreciate your inordinate level of attention and look forward to having you help us again soon.

Luke Hamilton & Dr. Michael Tome

We recently sold our house of 11 years with Michael, he was truly a pleasure to work with. He handled the sale with a steady hand, and head. The real estate market is not an easy one to negotiate these days and Michael’s years of experience provided a solid base to work from. We were impressed with his confident business approach but more so with his friendly and caring nature. He understood that we were not just selling a house, it was a truly special place for us and not an easy one to part with. He assured us “the right buyer” was out there and he was right. When he brought us an offer on the house he encouraged us to get to know the buyers and I am glad we did, we felt very comfortable selling the house to them. We are happy to recommend Michael and pleased to have had his help through this process.

I Menzel & T Diggs

Michael Collins changed our minds about brokers. He listened to our needs and never tried to oversell. He was always honest and forthcoming. He has great taste and was beyond patient with us. My husband and I were not familiar with the Los Angeles real estate market but Michael helped make the daunting task of finding a home in a new city a much more palatable experience. We cannot thank him enough. Not only is he a great broker but has since become a good friend.

Jeffrey Goldstein

Working with Michael Collins to sell my mother’s house after her sudden death turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. There was so much uncertainty in my life, and with the unstable real estate market, I needed a realtor who would be able to guide my sister and me through the difficult process of selling the home we grew up in. Michael was the perfect realtor for us. He was patient, responsive, and reliable. Michael was available by phone and email all the time, and he always made me feel as if the sale of my mother’s home was the most important job he had. Another thing I liked about working with Michael was that he was flexible and open to suggestions. While speaking with Michael, I always felt listened to. He and I agreed on an initial listing price for the house, but Michael had other realtors he trusted go through the property and provide feedback. When these realtors suggested a different listing price, Michael called to discuss with me their opinions, and we adjusted the price accordingly. I never felt as if I was dealing with someone who had too much ego invested in his work. He’s confident in the job he performs and knows that serving his client is what makes for a good, successful working relationship. In the end, the house sold for more than we imagined it would with no delays or hassles at all. Much of this was due to Michael’s help with staging, pricing, and advertising the house. The other thing he was able to do was get the right buyers into the house. Michael knows the area’s realtors and was able to have their suitable clients see the property promptly. I expect that had my sister and I chose a different realtor, the sale would not have gone as successfully or smoothly. Michael Collins was the perfect choice.

Whitney Cummings

I simply can’t imagine buying a house with anyone other than Michael. He made the daunting process of buying a house so easy and stress-free. It also helped so much that everyone in the business knows and respects him. I cherish his advice and support. I never could have done it without him (you’d believe me if you saw my credit score.) He truly made my dream come true! You’re an idiot if you use anyone else. 

Janie Kirschbaum

I would recommend Michael Collins to everyone for all of their real estate needs. He went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me sell my property.

I live halfway across the country, but Michael did everything he could to expedite things. He made it all happen during a very difficult time and a terrible market.

I want to thank Michael for all of his help, expertise, knowledge and kindness… 

Burt Levitch Esq.
Rosenfeld, Meyer & Susman, LLP

Michael knows exactly what he’s doing and is a respected expert in his field. But it’s how he does it that distinguishes him from his colleagues. He really cares about his clients, exhibiting great patience when appropriate while being firm and definitive when necessary. He seems to know every property in the area, he’ll help you decide what you want, he’s a terrific negotiator, and he’ll make it happen. He’s extraordinarily kind and thoughtful, bringing relative calm to a process that can be fraught with anxiety. And he’s honorable, which ultimately can only work to your benefit. Use him!

Marvin Schurgin

Over the years, my late son had depended upon Michael Collins and had a great degree of trust and confidence in him. I chose him for the sale of my son’s condominium for that reason and was not disappointed. He truly lived up to expectations. He took a somewhat difficult situation – by his own admission one of the toughest closings in his career – and made my life simpler by his active intervention. Along the way, every step was explained to me, every expense enumerated and justified, truly represented my interests, and did this in a rational, sensible, gentlemanly manner. His sense of humor helped weather this storm. It was a difficult situation, in a down market, but Michael stayed the course from beginning to end. Escrow was closed on December 15, 2009, and with Michael’s help, I can now close that chapter of my life. Honesty and sincerity are values one always looks for in others. I was most fortunate to find that in Michael Collins.

Eric Shore & Fred Paul 

We cannot begin to thank you for the stellar job you did in marketing and selling our home. We knew during these times when homes can sit endlessly on the market, that we would have a challenge in selling our home. Having you as part of the sales team was a perfect choice. With the house sold in 6 days, and escrow closed in another 7, it was an incredible feat and a terrific experience for us. All of this while achieving a sales price higher than any other sale in the area in recent history. Your years of experience have given you a very calm and confident professionalism that enables you to give us succinct and accurate information and updates, thus realistically aligning our expectations with reality. You negotiate in the same manner which works to everyone’s advantage. In other words, we think that you’re great and wholly believe that we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks millions!!!!!!!!